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Ivory Care



We believe in the provision of preventative Dental Care for the entire family. Our plans allow yourdentistt to provide the highest possible level of care without compromising on the service we give.


The Maltings membership plans allow you to spread the cost of your dental care with the added benefit of savings on a range of treatments.


Our membership schemes are ideal for you to share the responsibility of maintaining and improving your dental healthcare


Ivory Care Fees

The Maltings Bronze Membership – Covers 1 examination and 1 Hygiene Visit per year

£6.85 per month


The Maltings Silver Membership – Covers 2 examinations and 2 Hygiene Visits per year

£11.80 per month


The Maltings Gold Membership – Covers 2 examinations and 4 Hygiene Visits per year

£18.54 per month




Any variation on the plans can be agreed between you and your dentist.


Please note this is not an insurance.

What are the benefits under Ivory Care?


More time allocated to patients for all treatments.

Without time constraints placed on your Dentist, they can spend significantly more time with you than they have been able to previously. This allows for discussion of the larger range of materials and techniques that are available. This is becoming progressively more important as Dentistry improves and modernises. In addition to this waiting times for follow up appointments have been vastly reduced and the practice will also be able to deal with emergencies more quickly and efficiently.


Will I have guaranteed access to continuing and emergency care?


Any patients under this care scheme will have automatic access to continuing care. We pledge that during the working week, in a genuine emergency you will be given an appointment at this practice within a 24 hour time period and any calls received by us at the practice by 9.30am will be seen on the same day. There can be no guarantees of the time of the appointment or Dentist but every effort will be made for you to be seen by your own Dentist. There is also an out of hour’s service provided by the Primary Care Trust.


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Private Dental Care. Isn’t that very expensive?


Private Dental Care suggests an expensive product but the Ivory Care plan has been specifically designed to give the best value possible.

Denplan are the market leaders but we believe our plan offers patients good quality materials and service in a cost effective way. We believe that a patients preventative needs should be covered in the plan as described but their items of restorative work should be separate i.e. crowns, fillings etc. A more preventative approach is taken in order to prevent problems arising in the first place. Since the Ivory Care plan is not constrained by the NHS the most up to date materials and techniques can be used and treatment can be started without delay. More Cosmetic restorations are also available.


What are the financial advantages of Ivory Care?


Ability to meet bills by direct debit which allows for easy budgeting.

All regular payments are made by direct debit for ease of payment. Any additional treatments can also be met by direct debit or by the usual method of cash, cheque or credit card at the end of each completed treatment.


Savings on restorative treatment

We believe that patients who enter into a preventative care scheme deserves to pay less for their restorative treatment and therefore will on average by paying 20% less than our private fee scale. All restorations will be guaranteed for one year from the date of completion.


Family discounts

We believe in the provision of Dental care for the entire family. Members of the same family who take out this plan will incur less cost. The total discount for this will be 10% for two or more members of the same family.


Am I free to choose?


You may choose the Dentist that you wish to register with. You also have a choice as to which plan you prefer subject to the agreement between yourself and your registered Dentist.


How does it work?

This plan has been designed so that more emphasis is based on prevention of Dental Disease.



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