Ivory Care is our preventative Dental Health care scheme. Please look at our section on Ivory Care.


Note: children's dentistry is free and on the NHS.

This price list is intended as a guide only, the figures may vary according to your individual needs.


We operate a system where a fully itemised estimate is usually provided at the initial consultation.


You will be advised of the best treatment for you but there is then no obligation to take on any of the treatment.



Private Fees Scale


 New Patient Examination






 Hygiene Visit



 Small X-rays



 Large X-rays



 Metal fillings

 (depending on cavity size)

from £100.00

from £80.00

 Tooth-coloured fillings

 (depending on cavity size)

from £150.00

from £120.00

 Root Canal Therapy

 (depending on tooth being treated)

from £240.00

from £300.00

 Advanced Root Canal Therapy

from £695.00

not included




 Precious Gold Crown



 Tooth-coloured Crown

 with precious metal




from £600.00 per unit

from £480.00 per unit

 All ceramic metal-free crowns



 Partial acrylic dentures

from £550.00 per unit

from £440.00 per unit

 Full dentures (per arch)



 Casual Emergency


Not included

 Sedation / Hypnosis

from £90.00 per session


  Air Polishing


Ivory Care.

  Implant Consultation


No discount

 Sedation Consultation


can be

 Endodontic Consultation



Orthodontic Consultation



Periodontal Consultation



Price - £

Ivory Care Price - £




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