Direct Access

You can now book appointments with our dental hygienists whenever you want to. You do not need to see the dentist first. Our receptionists will be happy to explain how this works and make an appointment for you.


The Hygienists cannot provide the same comprehensive examination as your dentist, so you should continue to see your dentist as usual. Your dentist will let you know how often you need to have a full examination.


Direct Access appointments


Direct access treatments are available to existing and new patients. New patients who do not wish to see a practice dentist should be aware the limitations of the treatment that the hygienist can provide and of the need for a full oral health assessment by a dentist.


Dental hygienists train for two to three years in dental schools alongside dentists, or in schools of dental hygiene. They are trained to carry out clinical examinations, assessing the health of gums, provide preventive oral care and liaise with dentists over the treatment of decay and gum disease, undertake scaling, provide topical fluoride treatments and carry out oral cancer screening.


Hygienists cannot diagnose or give the prognoses of diseases such as decaying or broken teeth or prescribe drugs such as antibiotics or painkillers.



Referrals to a dentist


If a referral to a dentist is necessary, the hygienist will explain the reasons for the referral and seek the patient’s consent to be referred. The reasons for the referral and the patient’s consent or refusal are noted in the patient’s clinical records.


If the patient declines to be seen by a dentist, the hygienist will, at every subsequent treatment session, reinforce the need for the patient to be seen by a dentist and require the patient to confirm in writing that they do not wish to see the dentist. The hygienist will discuss the situation and the patient’s future care with the dentist



A hygienist appointment under Direct Access is £60


Patient goodwill


All patients attending the practice, including those attending for treatment under direct access arrangements are patients of the practice and not of the individual hygienist providing the treatment.




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