Cosmetic Treatments


The treatment of decayed, damaged, discoloured and unsightly teeth can be dramatically improved by up to date procedures and materials at the Maltings Dental Practice. Our Dentists will be happy to discuss these options with you and offer you an accurate estimate of their cost, without obligation.


Air polishing is a stain removal procedure that combines a modified sodium bicarbonate powder with a water jet to remove dental plaque and extrinsic tooth stain painlessly and fast.  Our Air-flow system is also used to aid the maintenance of dental implants and can help in the prevention of gum disease.


Crowns are life like porcelain cover for teeth damaged by decay or trauma and can be used to disguise misaligned and stained teeth.

Empress and Procera Allceram and Emax are crowns that combine both beauty and strength.


Veneers are wafer thin covers on the front tooth surface which conceals discolouration, spaces and minor chips without requiring extensive tooth preparation.


Inlays are tough, tooth coloured pieces of porcelain accurately and precisely manufactured to restore decayed back teeth to look like new. They need less removal of sound tooth than crowns.


Tooth coloured fillings are available using the latest materials to replace some darker silver fillings with a more natural look.


Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when carried out under the supervision of a professional.  Teeth can dis-colour for a number of reasons, including diet and trauma.  The whitening process works by lightening the shade of the enamel through using a bleaching solution.


All our surgeons can advise you on options for cosmetic treatment. In addition to this, Dr Eastwood has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and has undertaken extra postgraduate training.


For more information please discuss this with your dentist.


Before treatment

After treatment

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